If you’re ready to downsize or have recently had a death in the family, Don’s Consignment would be happy to assist you with the estate consolidation process. We help handle every aspect from appraisal to hauling.


One Response to “ESTATE”

  1. Stephanie Carpenter January 9, 2011 at 9:33 am #

    Hi Don,
    My sister, Gina, and I have purchased several items from you in the past 6 months. I bought the vanity with the mirror and you helped us get it in my Sebring

    Our mother is a hospice patient now and is not expected to be around much longer – maybe 2 weeks, hopefully longer. We have started working out the details of her passing. My sister, Gina, suggested we call you to ask if you would mind coming over to her house and help us put a “value” on some of her belongings. I would appreciate you calling me at 903-8511 or my sister, Gina, at 485-1130, or my Mom, Alyce, at her house, 683-6456 at your earliest convenience.

    I appreciate your time Don.

    Stephanie Carpenter

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